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50 years ago, Don Avila started the farm which is named after AQHA Hall of Fame stallion, Docs Dee Bar. Don built each barn, dug every post hole and secured every pen. With daughter Sheri by his side and the support of a loving wife, Dee Bar Farms grew into one of the most beloved and sought after horse training facilities in the Pacific Northwest. 

These days, Sheri and husband Ronnie take ownership, chore responsibility, and great pride in keeping the farm top notch.

Sheri takes lead on training the horses and riders. With 42 years under her belt in showing AQHA, and 32 years of training Sheri knows how to match horse and rider, taking great pride in guiding students off all ages  

Jan Avila now carries the family name, and is the heart of Dee Bar Farms. She remains a foundation of knowledge, support and love to the horses and riders.

You can find her helping with chores, making treats for barn parties and also cheering on 'Team Dee Bar' at the shows. 

Please take a moment and visit our In Memory page, as we bid 'Happy Trails' to a loving husband, father and mentor, Don Avila. 

and experience levels. Sheri has been around horses her entire life, and once you step foot into the stables, you'll see the legacy that has been built by her, her father Don and Dee Bar Farms. 

​Ronnie and Sheri come together to make all business and marketing
decisions. Ronnie oversees the maintenance and hay programs. He takes pride in making sure of the quality that goes into the feed program and growing the most nutrient rich hay for all the horses boarded at Dee Bar Farms and of course is always ready when it comes time for chores. You can be sure that Ronnie is at every show, cheering the riders on, snapping photos and even taking a video or two. 

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